Never too old: Benefits of Martial Arts by Age

A lot of people think they are too old, or too young, to start learning martial arts. It can feel intimidating to start something new at any age. The truth is, there is no “best age” to start learning martial arts! Practicing martial arts provides a range of benefits for people of every age. As long as you can walk, … Read More

When Coaching Your Kids, Understand The 3 Ways They Learn

When Coaching Your Kids

👇 Actual Conversation 👇 “Don’t step back, step forward. Try again. The foot you just used, step forward. No no, the other foot. Step forward. No sir, step forward. That’s backwards, step forward. You just changed your guard completely. Please change your guard back. Perfect. Now, bring your knee and elbow together, and step forward. Watch me. Like this. Slap … Read More

“Yes, I Can”

Yes I Can

What I’m about to share with you could change your life. It changed mine and is at the heart of everything I do. “Yes, I Can.” These words, combined with the brief to back them up, must permeate everything we do. “Yes, I Can.” When you show up to karate class and you step on the mat, you bow to … Read More

Four Reasons for Families to Take Martial Arts Together

mom teaches daughter how to kick

Karate classes are a great way for children to learn self-defense and important values such as discipline, respect, and confidence. Adults can benefit from martial arts classes by losing weight and learning self-defense. Yet the biggest benefit for everyone is simple: take a class together! Super Kicks Karate has always allowed families to take the same classes, because we feel … Read More

Martial Arts: Fun for the Whole Family

mother hugging daughter in karate uniform

Looking for an activity that the whole family can enjoy can be difficult. Different ages and experience levels can lead to someone being left out or left behind. What’s fun for everyone and can be enjoyed by all? How about martial arts? Super Kicks Karate proudly offers martial arts classes that the entire family can enjoy together! A martial arts … Read More

Becoming a Better Martial Artist Through Teaching

karate kid

Learning to Teach & Excelling in Martial Arts At Super Kicks Karate, we believe that students learn best when they have the opportunity to teach the material they’ve learned. Familiar phrases in our studio are, “learn to teach,” and “teach to learn.” This is important for all students of any age, and allows them to bolster the martial arts training … Read More