Never too old: Benefits of Martial Arts by Age

A lot of people think they are too old, or too young, to start learning martial arts. It can feel intimidating to start something new at any age. The truth is, there is no “best age” to start learning martial arts! Practicing martial arts provides a range of benefits for people of every age. As long as you can walk, … Read More

When Coaching Your Kids, Understand The 3 Ways They Learn

When Coaching Your Kids

👇 Actual Conversation 👇 “Don’t step back, step forward. Try again. The foot you just used, step forward. No no, the other foot. Step forward. No sir, step forward. That’s backwards, step forward. You just changed your guard completely. Please change your guard back. Perfect. Now, bring your knee and elbow together, and step forward. Watch me. Like this. Slap … Read More

Set Your Intention

Set Your Intention

One of the best ways to have an amazing class is to decide beforehand, exactly HOW it will be an amazing session.  Every time you are about to take a lesson, whether it’s online with our video classes or in person, DECIDE. Decide what your intention will be.  At the end of this class, will you be: More flexible? Stronger? … Read More

Our First Black Belt Little Leader!

I am proud to announce that this past weekend, we graduated a student to black belt that started with us in our LITTLE LEADERS program when he was 3 years old!  I remember watching his first few classes… He wouldn’t get on the practice floor. He held onto dad’s leg for dear life. When he finally got comfortable, he refused … Read More

Summer Camp the Martial Arts Way

School is starting to wind down for the year and the weather is warming up which means summer is on the way.  You can already hear the buzz coming from the kids talking about SUMMER and all the fun they are going to have – the beach trips, the pool trips, NO SCHOOL. Its a sense of excitement and freedom … Read More

9 Leadership Life Skills Our Kids Need to Learn!

Taught by the right instructor, martial arts classes can be SO much more than just kicking and punching and self defense. My instructor changed my life with these lessons, and I strive to do the same for my students. Here are 9 LIFE SKILLS that we teach in our classes on a weekly basis: Hurry up and fail! Often, the people … Read More

Give it to the Scariest Student

Scary students. That’s what I want. Mean. Intense. Kind. Compassionate. Monsters. Yes… yes, I do. And the red stripe this week went to… the scariest student! In every class, we finish by recognizing one student with a red stripe on their belt, the “attitude of the day” stripe. We present it to someone that we feel made the most progress … Read More

Everything is Difficult in the Beginning!

Remember these 6 words: Everything is difficult in the beginning! It’s always important to remember that as you’re learning a new skill, as you’re learning a new technique, it’s possible you’re always going to be bad at first. Maybe you’re one of those people that are super talented and can pick something up immediately. That’s awesome! I’m not one of those … Read More

I Confirmed Their Suspicions: Americans are CRAAAAZYY!

Shock. Awe. Disbelief. Who thinks that way? Who says that? The look on everyone’s face as we all sat there eating was worth the whole trip 🙂 Let me back up. Last year, I went on a vacation to Italy, but not a sightseeing trip. It was a swim vacation! Every day, 4-5 kilometers of swimming along the coastline of … Read More

The Student we TRIED to Fail

Have you ever heard of anyone earning their black belt in 11 months? Brian Keefer is the very first student that I trained to go from white belt to black belt. Brian is an amazing martial artist who’s very talented. He was about 10, maybe 11 years old when he started training with me. It only took him 11 months … Read More