What’s With the Dummy Outside?

“Sooooo what’s with the dummy outside?” “Excuse me sir, but his name is Bob, he works hard, and he has feelings too.”  🤪 BOB (Body Opponent Bag) has become the de facto mascot of Super Kicks, and he likes it when you punch him in the face, stomp him in the stomach, and wring his neck from behind. Never hit … Read More

Discouraged About Your Progress? Read This [90-second read]

Ever had a week that was busy, crazy, you were hustling and pumping, and you knew that you were moving the ball forward… but when you stopped and looked back, you couldn’t figure out what you ACTUALLY accomplished? Welcome to every human, EVER, right?! Sometimes, this is also how it feels with our martial arts training. We come to class, … Read More

Burpees in the Boardroom

It’s a new month! I love beginnings. With goal setting, you can always reset or start something new at any time, but it always feels like something magical occurs on the firsts. First of the week, first of the month, first of the year… So it’s the PERFECT time to evaluate where you are with your goals! Are you on … Read More

Teeth Brushing on Vacation

I’ve decided that when I’m on vacation, I’m going to stop brushing my teeth. No toothbrush. No toothpaste. No floss. But it totally makes sense, right? It’s VACATION!! You Don’t do anything on vacation!! When I’m home and working, I always have to brush my teeth. I wake up, I brush. There is never a morning that you want to … Read More

Everything is Difficult in the Beginning!

Remember these 6 words: Everything is difficult in the beginning! It’s always important to remember that as you’re learning a new skill, as you’re learning a new technique, it’s possible you’re always going to be bad at first. Maybe you’re one of those people that are super talented and can pick something up immediately. That’s awesome! I’m not one of those … Read More

I Confirmed Their Suspicions: Americans are CRAAAAZYY!

Shock. Awe. Disbelief. Who thinks that way? Who says that? The look on everyone’s face as we all sat there eating was worth the whole trip 🙂 Let me back up. Last year, I went on a vacation to Italy, but not a sightseeing trip. It was a swim vacation! Every day, 4-5 kilometers of swimming along the coastline of … Read More

Turning Failure into Success


This week in our classes… We have been teaching our students an important life skill–“failure.” I love talking about this. I like teaching our students that it’s okay to fail, and as a matter of fact, it’s GOOD to fail. How often does that message get communicated to our kids? How often does that message get communicated to US? It’s … Read More

The Attitude of Giving, Serving, and Encouraging


I love what I see happening in our schools. I not only see instructors encouraging students, but I’m also watching STUDENTS encourage students, parents encouraging parents, older students helping younger ones…it’s a beautiful thing. Let’s keep building relationships. Let’s keep growing those around us. And let’s keep serving one another. As a member of our community, in case you don’t … Read More

Let’s Make This Our Motto

Great Leaders

I’m going to tell on my mom… When I was learning how to drive, she used to tell me, “Do as I say, don’t do as I do!” 🤣 I don’t remember the exact things she was telling me not to do…perhaps it was shaking her fist at “idiot drivers,” (her words ) maybe it was driving too aggressively…or it could have … Read More