Martial Arts: Fun for the Whole Family

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Looking for an activity that the whole family can enjoy can be difficult. Different ages and experience levels can lead to someone being left out or left behind. What’s fun for everyone and can be enjoyed by all? How about martial arts? Super Kicks Karate proudly offers martial arts classes that the entire family can enjoy together! A martial arts … Read More

Martial Arts Classes for Three Year Olds

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Many parents might ask themselves, “Can my three year old really learn martial arts?” At Super Kicks Karate, the answer is always yes. We offer family programs where everyone can learn together, and we also offer after school programs for young children. However, our class, “Little Leaders Martial Arts Class,” is geared for our youngest children. This class is more … Read More

Don’t Do Daycare: Karate After School Program

Update: Super Kicks Karate is referring all after school and day camp students to Center Stage Preschool. Check out Center Stage programs here! After school programs in Ashburn and Leesburg are plentiful. With so many to choose from, how can you decide what will offer your child the most? Which program will offer the parent the most? And most importantly: … Read More

Becoming a Better Martial Artist Through Teaching

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Learning to Teach & Excelling in Martial Arts At Super Kicks Karate, we believe that students learn best when they have the opportunity to teach the material they’ve learned. Familiar phrases in our studio are, “learn to teach,” and “teach to learn.” This is important for all students of any age, and allows them to bolster the martial arts training … Read More

How to Keep Training in Martial Arts While Injured

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When you train with martial arts, you always want to be at your best. Super Kicks Karate aims to take you to black belt skill level and beyond. However, sometimes an injury can get in the way and slow you down. How do you continue your martial arts training with an injury? 1. Don’t Make It Worse It can be … Read More

Karate Lessons: Responsibility, Nutrition, and Discipline

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At Leesburg Super Kicks Karate, students will learn more than just martial arts. They’ll learn how to take care of their body through nutrition, and learn how to take care of others with responsibility and discipline. Our karate classes offer goals to students for maintaining a healthy diet and a healthy attitude. Gold Star Attitude We ask our students to … Read More

After School Programs for Middle Schoolers at Super Kicks Karate

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Update: Super Kicks Karate is referring all after school and day camp students to Center Stage Preschool. Check out Center Stage programs here! Super Kicks Karate wants to make certain all children have a chance to participate in our martial arts classes. It’s also important to us to make attending classes easy on the parents. That’s why we’re proud to … Read More

3 Reasons to Take Adult Martial Arts Classes

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Super Kicks Karate is proud to offer adult martial arts classes at both of its locations. While martial arts provides valuable morals and physical exercise for school age children, these are necessities for anyone, regardless of age. Here are the three top reasons to join an adult martial arts class. Lose Weight and Get in Shape If you’re like most … Read More

Martial Arts for Women

News of violence against women is almost a daily report. Don’t be a victim: take a martial arts class and protect yourself! Self-defense is just as important as balancing the checkbook or writing up the weekly grocery list. Take time for yourself and make sure you know how to defend yourself. Your safety depends on knowing the risks, your resources … Read More

Confidence: Self-Defense’s Super Power

When it comes to taking martial arts for self-defense, many people have visions of grandeur: saving your life while out running, or protecting your family from a home invasion. Even finding a way to deal with the playground bully leads to parents looking for martial arts classes. Super Kicks Karate teaches more than just self-defense. Self-defense isn’t about performing a … Read More