6 Easy Tips to Stay Hydrated and Have the Energy You Deserve!

Ever woken up with a mild headache, only to have it worsen throughout the day? Of course you have. You don’t have an ibuprofen deficiency… Chances are, you are probably just dehydrated. Start being proactive TODAY about tomorrow’s energy!  Here are a few tips to hit your water number: 💦 Have a daily water number. Know how many ounces or … Read More

Karate for Toddlers: Raising Little Leaders in Ashburn

attitude of a winner

Toddlers are a force of nature. They exude more energy than most parents know how to contain. So what about karate for toddlers? Does karate help direct some of that energy into a positive outlet?  Absolutely! Teaching kids karate from an early age gives you an opportunity to let them run out their energy in a safe environment. Plus, on … Read More

Weight Loss & Martial Arts

female doing crunches for weight loss

Finding fun, creative ways to stay active can help with weight management. Martial arts and weight loss can be the winning combo to get more active!

How Long Does It Take to Earn a Black Belt?

man doing karate kick

You can probably name several friends or acquaintances who have earned achievements in sports such as basketball, football, and baseball, some even on a semi-pro or professional level. But how many do you know can say they have a black belt? It’s definitely something that would set you apart from the rest for sure. So how long does it take to … Read More

Toddler Martial Arts Classes: 4 Common Questions You Might Be Asking

karate instructor kneeling with toddler

It’s no secret. If you talk to any of our instructors, we will tell you straight up—the Little Leaders karate class is our favorite. Hands down. This unique toddler martial arts class is something you won’t want to miss! The Little Leaders program is our martial arts class for toddlers ages 2-4 years old and prepares kids for our family martial … Read More

One Easy Mindset Trick to Build Your Confidence and Start Taking Action

Hiding in the karate school bathroom, staring in the mirror, coaching myself every day before I started teaching…  my pre-class ritual was solid.   “You got this. You can do this. You’re going to be great.” I splashed water in my face. I made weird noises. I was nervous. Anxious. My stomach revolted. The first few months that I taught martial … Read More

Mixed Martial Arts vs American Freestyle Karate – What’s the Difference?

Mixed Martial Arts is a combat sport, while American Freestyle Karate is an approach to life skills through a mix of martial arts skills, techniques and values. Martial arts offer a huge range of benefits for children who pick up a practice, from growing self-discipline and confidence to improving physical fitness, health, and learning important self-defense skills.  The most common … Read More

How to Learn Karate at Home

Have you ever dreamed of crashing through boards with your bare hands? Do you feel confident that you, your spouse or your child could defend yourselves if necessary? Karate might be just the thing for you – and you can now learn martial arts from home. Technology allows you to safely bring your instructor into your own space through both … Read More

Online Karate Lessons – The benefits of virtual karate school

Is it even possible to earn a blackbelt through online karate lessons? Lots of classes and activities are moving online these days, but is it possible to kick and punch your way through the ranks of a martial art in your living room? Take a look at how we are making virtual karate school possible and the benefits of online … Read More

Martial Arts for Adults: Is it for me?

Kids aren’t the only ones who can enjoy and benefit from martial arts! Martial arts offers a whole host of benefits for adults of any age. Let’s take a closer look… Benefits of Martial Arts for Adults The two most obvious benefits of martial arts are excellent exercise and learning self-defense skills. And it’s true! Martial arts helps you become … Read More