Super Kicks Announces New Location!

Check out the journey!! 👇 It’s with extreme excitement and gratitude that we get to announce… We have secured our new space!! 🎉🎈🙌‼️ 6500 SF of floor space to serve our Ashburn community, located at 44710 Cape Court #114 Ashburn, VA 20147. 👉 We started 9 years ago in Ashburn, at the Garden Hilton Inn, teaching classes out of a ballroom. (The manager thought … Read More

5 Places to Demonstrate the Martial Arts Bow…And Why It’s Important

This week our life skill is a reminder of why we bow, and where we bow. The traditional martial arts bow that we use has no religious connotations—it’s a sign of respect, and it’s considered to be more formal (and less Covid-y) than a handshake.  When in doubt—BOW!       At the door, coming and leaving. Every time you enter and leave, … Read More

What Does It Mean to Have a Black Belt Attitude?

When I took karate as a kid, my instructor would tell us in every class: “have a black belt attitude.” “Train martial arts with a black belt attitude. Go to school with a black belt attitude. Have a black belt attitude at home.” Now, 30 years later, I teach my students the same thing, and I asked myself recently, “What … Read More

Best Kickboxing Classes in Ashburn: Fantastic or Just Adequate? How to Tell.

Looking for a new way to get in shape and shed the last of the quarantine fifteen? Take a look at a high-impact way that is both fun and burns the calories you need to get the results you want. Kickboxing isn’t new, but it’s definitely increasing in popularity. But how can you know whether those “best kickboxing classes” are … Read More

Self-defense for women: the best tools, techniques, and classes

Self-defense tools for women are everywhere: tactical pens, concealed-carry purses, pepper spray… or just a good, heavy-duty flashlight to store under the seat in the car. Many women even carry around multiple tools with them at all times. But how effective can a basic tool be if you don’t have any idea on how or when to use them? That’s … Read More

Ability to break boards in karate? Here’s everything you need to know

board breaking karate

Have you ever seen someone who practices karate breaking boards? You might have wondered how they are able to do that, and maybe even if you could learn to do it.  Read on to learn everything you need to know about breaking boards in Karate: What is Breaking Boards in Martial Arts? Breaking boards in Karate is pretty much what … Read More

6 Easy Tips to Stay Hydrated and Have the Energy You Deserve!

Ever woken up with a mild headache, only to have it worsen throughout the day? Of course you have. You don’t have an ibuprofen deficiency… Chances are, you are probably just dehydrated. Start being proactive TODAY about tomorrow’s energy!  Here are a few tips to hit your water number: 💦 Have a daily water number. Know how many ounces or … Read More

Karate for Toddlers: Raising Little Leaders in Ashburn

attitude of a winner

Toddlers are a force of nature. They exude more energy than most parents know how to contain. So what about karate for toddlers? Does karate help direct some of that energy into a positive outlet?  Absolutely! Teaching kids karate from an early age gives you an opportunity to let them run out their energy in a safe environment. Plus, on … Read More

Weight Loss & Martial Arts

female doing crunches for weight loss

Finding fun, creative ways to stay active can help with weight management. Martial arts and weight loss can be the winning combo to get more active!

How Long Does It Take to Earn a Black Belt?

man doing karate kick

You can probably name several friends or acquaintances who have earned achievements in sports such as basketball, football, and baseball, some even on a semi-pro or professional level. But how many do you know can say they have a black belt? It’s definitely something that would set you apart from the rest for sure. So how long does it take to … Read More