What, You Don’t Struggle Getting to the Gym?

Every so often, I hear this from a parent: “Master Alley, he loves it when he’s here, but sometimes it’s a struggle actually GETTING him here? What do I do?” You bring him to class. “But I don’t want to force him.” Bring him to class. Sometimes, we need a push, don’t we? No one is motivated 100% of the … Read More

Protein from Beans, Nuts and… CRICKETS?!

Any time someone finds out that I eat a plant-based diet, the immediate question always comes up: Where do you get your protein? Where do you think, people?!? Crickets! They are a quick snack, you grab them on the go, and you find them just like you find chips in the couch! YUM!! Everyone knows the answer (beans, legumes, hummus, … Read More

Burpees in the Boardroom

It’s a new month! I love beginnings. With goal setting, you can always reset or start something new at any time, but it always feels like something magical occurs on the firsts. First of the week, first of the month, first of the year… So it’s the PERFECT time to evaluate where you are with your goals! Are you on … Read More

Summer Camp the Martial Arts Way

School is starting to wind down for the year and the weather is warming up which means summer is on the way.  You can already hear the buzz coming from the kids talking about SUMMER and all the fun they are going to have – the beach trips, the pool trips, NO SCHOOL. Its a sense of excitement and freedom … Read More

9 Leadership Life Skills Our Kids Need to Learn!

Taught by the right instructor, martial arts classes can be SO much more than just kicking and punching and self defense. My instructor changed my life with these lessons, and I strive to do the same for my students. Here are 9 LIFE SKILLS that we teach in our classes on a weekly basis: Hurry up and fail! Often, the people … Read More

Crying at the Karate School

It’s happened twice in the last two weeks… Once by myself as I walked into the school, and once yesterday while I was teaching a class. Last night, I was lining up my beginner class, and this overwhelming feeling of gratitude hit me. Our students were on point. They were totally engaged. They were focused. Everyone was there to train. … Read More

“Yes, I Can”

Yes I Can

What I’m about to share with you could change your life. It changed mine and is at the heart of everything I do. “Yes, I Can.” These words, combined with the brief to back them up, must permeate everything we do. “Yes, I Can.” When you show up to karate class and you step on the mat, you bow to … Read More

Give it to the Scariest Student

Scary students. That’s what I want. Mean. Intense. Kind. Compassionate. Monsters. Yes… yes, I do. And the red stripe this week went to… the scariest student! In every class, we finish by recognizing one student with a red stripe on their belt, the “attitude of the day” stripe. We present it to someone that we feel made the most progress … Read More

Teeth Brushing on Vacation

I’ve decided that when I’m on vacation, I’m going to stop brushing my teeth. No toothbrush. No toothpaste. No floss. But it totally makes sense, right? It’s VACATION!! You Don’t do anything on vacation!! When I’m home and working, I always have to brush my teeth. I wake up, I brush. There is never a morning that you want to … Read More