Ronda Rousey does Krav Maga

Ronda Rousey…. Olympic medalist in Judo, undefeated women’s MMA champion, and Krav Maga artist. If you haven’t heard her name mentioned recently you haven’t been on the internet! Just last weekend Ronda went into her UFC 190 Title Fight and defeated her opponent, Bethe Correia, in 34 seconds with a knock out. Why is Ronda such a big deal? Well, … Read More

Back to School Karate Program

Update: Super Kicks Karate is referring all after school and day camp students to Center Stage Preschool. Check out Center Stage programs here! Can you believe it’s August already? Schools are sending out supply lists, parents are taking advantage of the upcoming tax-free weekend, and then there are the plethora of after school activities. When choosing an activity for your … Read More

Karate Birthday Parties!

One of the exciting things about running a martial arts studio is getting to offer KARATE BIRTHDAY PARTIES!!  Just this past weekend we hosted a birthday party for a group of  fifteen 3 and 4 year olds, and it was a blast. Our fearless instructors are in charge of the silly games and all around kiddo wrangling, and she was … Read More

Adult Martial Arts

 Meet Mr. Sjostedt, one of our adult martial arts students. At 6 feet 6 inches tall, the LAST thing a “would be attacker” would want to see…. is that this man has full splits flexibility, and be able to kick as hard as a truck! Welcome to martial arts for adults. Lots of parents check out a martial arts school for their kids, … Read More

Fitness Kickboxing!

Not only are we at Super Kicks Karate in Ashburn an awesome martial arts studio, but we also offer a super fat blasting, body toning,  Fitness Kickboxing class Monday through Thursday at 7pm. Last night we had over twenty people in our kickboxing class, and Ms. Hunt, our awesome instructor, rocked it out and kept everyone motivated, sweating, and having … Read More

Martial Arts for Families

You’ve heard the saying, “Families that play together stay together”. That’s why we at Super Kicks Karate in Ashburn offer martial arts classes that the whole family can take together! A family that trains together is a safe and well-bonded one. We encourage families to take classes together in order for them to be physically fit as well as to be closer … Read More

Why women need martial arts

  In a world where violence toward women has become a daily topic on the news there is the need to master the art of self-defense in order to save yourself as the victim from future tight spots and cases of threats such as these. Super Kicks Karate in Ashburn will show you why knowing martial arts and self-defense is as … Read More

Can you defend yourself?

Are you capable of stopping a violent physical confrontation in about five seconds or less? That may sound far-fetched but it can be done quite easily. Of course, you don’t need to have a gun! Super Kicks Karate in Ashburn has a class that teaches you the “anything goes” art of Krav Maga for self defense. Unfortunately, too many high … Read More

Who’s Ready For SUMMER at Super Kicks Karate?!

Update: Super Kicks Karate is referring all after school and day camp students to Center Stage Preschool. Check out Center Stage programs here! With the temperatures rising into the 90’s these past few days, it’s a good reminder that summer is almost here! What better way for your kids to have fun and beat the heat than Summer Camp at … Read More