The psychological and physical benefits of gratitude – how to combat your bad days

Gratitude isn’t just about saying thank you; it’s also about keeping space for appreciation when considering all you have in life. It’s acknowledging when we have things others don’t, even if they aren’t ideal. It means being kind to others and demonstrating empathy. It entails selecting optimism over a pessimistic or victim mentality. Some think that gratitude is the basis … Read More

FREE Self Defense Workshop!

Come and take a FREE self defense class and feel stronger and more prepared to defend yourself if necessary! Open to anyone in the community, ages 16 and up. Learn some of the basic strikes you can use immediately, and common ways you might be grabbed.  Bring a friend, and come train with us! Click here to register, and we’ll … Read More

Parent’s Night Out!

Games! Fun! Pizza! Send your kids to our parent’s night out event and take a few hours to yourself! Drop them off with our adult staff, and we’ll keep them busy and engaged and energized! We will play games, feed them pizza, and battle it out in Noodle Wars! When: June 11th from 6:30pm – 9:00pm Sign up here!

Rifle Defense Seminar

Come join us and train in our Rifle Defense Seminar!  What would you do if a rifle was pointed at your face?  Could you defend yourself? Would you respond correctly?  Come and attend this seminar, and you will learn how do defend yourself if the gun is pointed at: Your face  The side of your head Your chest If you … Read More

Dad Earned Black Belt 1st. Then Mom. Then Kids. One More to Go!

Every so often, a family comes into our karate school in Ashburn and we know almost instantaneously—they are going to enroll, they are going to love us, we are going to love them, and this is going to be an awesome journey.  Such was the case when the Klukowski family came in for their first introductory martial arts class. From … Read More

Is 3 Years Old Too Young to Start Kids In Karate?

Whenever a parent asks us, “Is 2 or 3 years old too young to start learning karate?”, we always tell them story after story about the students who started that young, and have blossomed into incredible humans. Black belt achievers that are strong, talented martial artists.  Miss Alston is one of them. She was 3 years old when she started … Read More

I Kicked My Son Out of Class

When my son was 6, I decided to put him in martial arts. I was excited. I giggled watching him take his first lesson… It was so special, and his little energy and facial expressions were priceless. I’ll remember that day for the rest of my life.  Fast forward six months.  Things were not going so well. 😂 He never … Read More

karate for 3 year olds: 5 benefits of martial arts for toddlers

Sometimes, students in Little Leaders (karate for 3-year-olds) don’t have the strongest of starts. It’s tough being 3 sometimes 😅 Their parents ask if it’s normal when they won’t participate in the kicks, moves, and other activities. Then I usually tell them about Aakash…who started karate when he was barely 3 years old, and for the first 6 months of … Read More

Sign Up for the Inconvenience

Push-ups: “Awww MAN!!” Sit-ups: “Not these again!” Spread your legs into your best effort at a full middle split: “I hate this part!” 😂 😂 😂 Every so often (usually only in the beginner classes), a student with no filter will shout something like this as we announce an exercise.  It always makes us chuckle on the inside, but gives … Read More