Incorporating Black Belt Respect At School And At Home

Hello everyone! Earlier this week Mrs. Garcia talked about some ways to work with our children on being respectful, courteous and kind at home and at school. I wanted to share it with you. Here is what she had to say:

“Hi guys, this is Mrs. Garcia with Super Kicks Karate in Leesburg!

I hope everyone’s having a wonderful 2018! I hope you’ve already started setting your goals and you’re working towards them. I’ve had a couple of parents e-mail me in the last couple weeks about how to work with their children on being respectful, courteous, and kind at home and at school. So, I wanted to share it with you guys as well so that you get the benefit of it. Here at the academy, we teach our students the three ways that we show black belt respect: eye contact, saying sir and ma’am, and honoring the rules. These are three easy ways that you guys at home can transition them into your house. You can start teaching your children to use them at school and at home too. Let’s go over these.

Number one is eye contact.

It is important that when students are talking with someone that they look them in the eye. That way we know what each other is saying is important and it starts developing that focus. We tell students that at school you put your eyes on the teacher and you listen so that they start working on that focus.

Number two is saying sir and ma’am.

We say sir and ma’am at the Academy. It’s always important to say sir and ma’am at home to mom and dad but even at school when you go there. You say sir and ma’am and thank you and please. These are easy ways that we can start incorporating that respect in our home and at school as well.

Number three is honoring the rules. 

For students here at Super Kicks, honoring the rules means that we do what we’re told the first time without hesitation and that means right away. We can start working on that at home by implementing that immediately. If I ask a student to do something at the academy, they do it quickly because they’ve been trained and they’ve been taught to do it.

Parents, if you start working on these at home with them, they’ll start getting it into their heads a little bit more. They’ll start working on it more and more there. Another way that you guys can start implementing these things is also by rewarding them. If they start doing these things at home, you start hearing them saying sir and ma’am without you telling them or they’re doing something the first time that they’re asked, reward them for that so that they understand that these are good things that they’re doing and will get a good outcome from that.

I hope this will help you at home and help students to start working towards it at school as well. I look forward to having you guys in classes. Remember that these are all things that we teach in our kids martial arts classes as well as our adult martial arts classes so you’re never too young or too old to start learning new tricks.

I hope everyone’s having fun! Have a good 2018 and we will see you next time.”