Best Kickboxing Classes in Ashburn: Fantastic or Just Adequate? How to Tell.

Looking for a new way to get in shape and shed the last of the quarantine fifteen? Take a look at a high-impact way that is both fun and burns the calories you need to get the results you want. Kickboxing isn’t new, but it’s definitely increasing in popularity. But how can you know whether those “best kickboxing classes” are fantastic or just barely skimming the waters of adequacy? Keep reading to find out.

5 Questions to Ask While Searching for the Best Kickboxing Classes in Ashburn or other areas:

1. Is the class being taught by a certified instructor?

This may seem simple enough, but not every fitness or kickboxing class is taught by a certified instructor. While this may not be so important when taking basic classes, if you want to take the best class, you need a qualified instructor.

Take a look at the website, and if it’s not listed clearly, call the gym or send them a message. You can also try searching the instructor’s name online to see if you can find any type of associated certification. If the price is too good to be true, it can be because they’re skimping on snagging a qualified instructor to lead the class.

2. Does the class offer multiple skill levels?

For most fitness classes, there is a sliding scale that instructors use to dictate the tone and intensity of the class. Beginner’s classes are simple and focus on the foundation of the sport. Intermediate classes turn up the dial and start adding in more complicated techniques to build on the foundation. Expert classes are the most intense and focus on fine-tuning learned skills and expertise. 

If the class isn’t labeled, it may not fit the bill depending on your expectations. Free for all classes tend to be too simple for seasoned veterans and may be too complex for beginners. If you’re new to kickboxing, start with a class clearly labeled for beginners. You’ll gain a better insight into whether or not the sport is for you, and you can confidently (and safely) build the foundation to continue moving forward.

3. Is the gym clean?

Don’t skip this one. Cleanliness is a vital part of choosing the right gym for your classes. In order to offer the best kickboxing class, it must be clean. Staph infections and other skin conditions spread easily and wreak havoc in a dirty environment, so check for regular cleaning, organization, and upkeep of all areas (check the bathrooms too!). 

4. What do the reviews say about the best kickboxing classes?

While not all reviews are equal, it’s always a good idea to see what others have to say about their own experience. Read reviews with a grain of salt, but do consider what they may be trying to tell you. 

“Instructor moves too quickly.” Maybe not great for you if you struggle with new concepts.

“Great beginner’s class!” Not a good fit if you’re looking for more advanced options.

“Easy workout! I’ll be coming every week!” Hmmm…this might not be the class that will push you to the next level. 

Whatever the reviews are saying, compare to other gyms, and consider what you’re seeing consistently. Look for common themes and if reviews seem to be manufactured for promotion only.

5. Is there an offer for a free trial? 

Many gyms offer a free class or limited membership to try to entice those who may be on the fence. This is a great opportunity to see if it’s for you and to get a first-hand account of what to expect. 

Reputable places want people to decide on their own, not be coerced into a membership that isn’t for them. Free trials are a great way for gyms to earn the trust of new patrons and give them transparency on the environment they’ll be joining. They will also welcome questions and concerns, so don’t be afraid to speak up and get your questions answered during your visit.

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