Becoming a Better Martial Artist Through Teaching

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Learning to Teach & Excelling in Martial Arts

At Super Kicks Karate, we believe that students learn best when they have the opportunity to teach the material they’ve learned. Familiar phrases in our studio are, “learn to teach,” and “teach to learn.” This is important for all students of any age, and allows them to bolster the martial arts training they’ve learned.

Students learn so much more than just martial arts at Super Kicks Karate: they learn leadership and respect. When they’ve learned something, we encourage them to turn to their group and teach a partner, or perhaps teach a whole group. This cements the knowledge in their minds when they have to explain it to someone else. Learn, do, then teach: a simple formula that builds mastery.

It also builds their self-esteem and their confidence, as well as respect for others. As everyone gets a turn to teach, they know that how they treat others will be how they themselves are addressed.

In martial arts, we give them the basic rules of respect. This includes respect for their instructor, respect for their fellow students, and respect for themselves. These basic rules include:

  • Always use the titles ‘sir’ or ‘ma’am’ with adults and leaders.
  • Always dress to impress. Leave the stained shirts and the torn pants for playing outside.
  • Speak to others how you want to be spoken to. Don’t use slang or disrespectful terms.

Our goal at Super Kicks Karate is to mold the next generation into better people than ourselves. We believe that everyone should use respect and discipline in their daily lives. We also believe physical fitness and health are important: it’s another sign of self-respect to treat your body right.

When our students teach other students, they’re building themselves up for later in life when others will want to tear them down. Martial arts is more than just self-defense: it’s a building block for life.

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