Ballerina Bob

Has anyone ever looked into Bob’s eyes?

Like reealllly looked into his eyes?

There you’ll find a sensitive guy who will do anything to make a kid smile…

Like take repeated punches to the gut… or dress up like a ballerina daaays before Halloween!

He’s a real team player and loved member of our martial arts family.

But, he’s been a little in his “feels” lately.

“PLEASE someone just LOVE me”

Really, Bob? We do love you.

In an effort to cheer him up we are asking our community to come punch him in the face…

and we are offering a 30-day guest pass as a way of saying thank you 🙂

Nothing makes him happier than when people walk by and surprise attack him.

It tickles his heart. Come punch him!

So not to try to lure to you into coming to our martial arts studio to see for yourself how awesome it is…

or to see how martial arts can really change your life for the better…

or to see how the energy of our classes and enthusiasm of our instructors will just make you feel like you don’t know what you were doing before you started martial arts or anything…

No… for Bob, everyone… schedule an introductory class and get started with your 30-day guest pass!

And let’s keep it between us about Bob being in his “feels”?