The Attitude of Giving, Serving, and Encouraging

I love what I see happening in our schools.

I not only see instructors encouraging students, but I’m also watching STUDENTS encourage students, parents encouraging parents, older students helping younger ones…it’s a beautiful thing.

Let’s keep building relationships. Let’s keep growing those around us. And let’s keep serving one another.

As a member of our community, in case you don’t know, you have permission to be a leader INSIDE our school. Help each other. Give freely to other families and students. Serve and influence those around you. It will only enhance your experience as you strive to become a better martial artist, instructor, and leader.

Help with someone’s universals. Teach them how to tie their belt. Show them how to get attendance cards. Help them connect to the private Facebook group.  Ask them how their family is. Learn about the students in your location.

Parents, encourage your kids to step up in class. Nothing feels more amazing than helping someone and being rewarded with a smile…and the beginning of a new friendship.

And, continue to connect and interact AFTER you leave the karate school. I love seeing karate families getting together and I love seeing relationships building on Facebook. Hearing details of conversations that happened outside the school makes my heart feel amazing. I love it.

Super Kicks is an oasis where we come to train, practice, love, and be loved. Let the attitude of giving, serving, and encouraging to permeate everything we do.