Little Leaders class for 2-4 year-olds every Saturday at 8:55 am!

Super Kicks Karate in Ashburn, VA, offers karate classes for toddlers!

Ages 2, 3 or 4-year-olds typically must wait until they turn 5 at other martial arts schools; however, we have developed a unique curriculum for these ages, enabling them to become stronger, more flexible, and coordinated.

The structure of our ‘Little Leaders’ class gives your child the confidence they need to keep learning and training, which will help prepare them for our regular family classes.

Here’s What to Expect in the Little Leaders Class

During a typical karate class for twos and threes, one parent will be on the practice floor, and will help her by holding target pads, providing encouragement, and also being a partner for strength training exercises like situps and wheelbarrows. Parents have a blast while watching their child smile, learn, get stronger, and develop basic martial arts skills!

The key to teaching martial arts to a 2 or 3-year-old student is in disguising the repetition, and making the movements fun! Whether they are banging on the target pads (learning a hammer fist) or making circles around your arm (learning a basic self-defense move), these students have a ton of fun, while getting comfortable with their bodies. As they get older, transitioning into a regular, family martial arts class will be easy. Over the last 5 years in our karate classes in Ashburn, we have had countless students make the switch from the mommy and me class to the family martial arts class, and then continue to soar!

Another key component to our karate classes for two and three-year-olds is our “Stranger Danger” curriculum. During each class, we teach our students the importance of staying close to mommy and daddy, not talking to strangers, and how and what to yell if someone they don’t know grabs them. Since it’s not our intention to scare them, we keep these conversations on the lighter side, however we make sure they can verbalize who a stranger is, and what you would do if a stranger grabs you.