Krav Maga in Ashburn

Israeli Self Defense on Thursdays at 7:50pm

Sculpt athletic muscles, unleash new confidence, and have a blast while mastering the self-defense system that gives the special forces the edge in any situation! Men and women 15 years and up can participate.

krav maga ashburn

What is Krav Maga?

Krav Maga is the Israeli defense system designed to assess threats, defend against any attack, and neutralize danger faster and more efficiently than any other method on earth. The side effect of Krav Maga training?… You’re in luck, it’s exceptional fitness and athleticism.

Plus, our instructors provide energetic personal instruction with maximum safety including protective equipment.

At Krav Maga in Ashburn, you will learn:

  • Warrior Krav Maga-Israeli Defense Tactics
  • Combative Strikes: Close, Mid, Long Range
  • Fatigue Drills: Simulates the energy depletion of an Actual Confrontation
  • Defensive Tactics: Deflect, Evade, Intercept Oncoming Attacks
  • Awareness Drills: Develops reflexes and Adaptation
  • Knowledge Domain: Principles of Krav Maga, Psychology of FIghting, & Survival Mindset
  • Self Defense: Various Grabs You Will Encounter
  • Stress Drills: Acclimates to the Sudden Shock of Being Attacked