Learn self-defense, lose weight and live a happier, more confident life! Are you looking for a fun, new way to get in better shape? Have you ever wanted to learn martial arts but thought it was just for kids? Did you take tae kwon do in Ashburn as a kid, and never finished? And you’re ready to learn martial arts now?

Learn Self Defense

Super Kicks Karate in Ashburn is the best place to take adult karate classes! Our professional instructors have been teaching martial arts most of their adult lives, and have worked with literally thousands of adult men and women who want to get in shape, learn self defense, gain more flexibility and fitness, and earn their black belts.

Here’s What to Expect at Super Kicks in Ashburn

You must be tired of going to the gym and lifting weights, or trying to motivate yourself to stay on the elliptical machine. Not only will you make new friends in your classes, but the belt progression will keep you motivated as you strive to reach your goal of earning your black belt. Each level of training is slightly more advanced than the last, so every time you come to class, you are presented with a challenge. You will have to use your body and your mind and your will to achieve new heights, and push yourself past where you thought you could go.

Rather than spending 45 minutes to an hour on a cardio bike doing the same thing over and over, taking an adult martial arts class at Super Kicks Karate will exercise all major and minor muscle groups. Our flexibility training will improve circulation and mobility in your body, and enable you to demand what’s necessary from your body in order to perform the techniques. The repetition of the punches, blocks, and kicks will work your cardiovascular system, building strength in your heart and help you burn fat. Striking targets during class will develop strength and endurance, and give you the confidence you need in order to defend yourself. And the calisthenics that are required for your black belt test will challenge your muscles and help you shape and tone your muscles, getting you in the best shape of your life!

Classes for the whole family

Most parents think that karate classes are just for kids, but they don’t realize that we teach the exact same curriculum for kids AND adults. And to make it convenient for families, we put everyone into the same class!

Whether you are 4 or 60 years old, our family martial arts classes are a great way for you to learn martial arts in a safe environment, with caring, encouraging instructors ready to help you progress every step of the way.

Our family classes line up by height, so you will be able to see your children, and they will be able to see you, but you get to take the class as if you are there by yourself. You get to train, work hard, and learn, all while your family gets to practice as well.