Testimonials of Super Kicks Karate in Ashburn

“Let me first begin by saying how excited I personally am to be doing this class. I have been looking for something for a while now for the whole family to do together, and I think this is just the thing we need! As reluctant as my husband seemed last night, I know he will love doing this; it’s going to give him a chance to release some of his pent-up frustration (as you probably saw last night). Not to mention, I am really looking forward to it for the discipline and self control reasons, as you know. One thing I forgot to mention to you last night about me; I was just recently diagnosed with having diabetes, so I am in the beginning stages of making life-altering choices, and I think this will be perfect for me in getting me into better shape. Already I have noticed a difference in my children; the respect IS there. I just don’t think they realized it was there, and my husband and I just haven’t seen it in a V-E-R-Y long time! All night last night, it was “Yes, Sir!” and “Yes, Ma’am”. I actually put them to bed last night without a fight…unbelievable!!! I really hope this is not short lived for them. I really like what I saw and how they behaved for us when we got home last night. So, thank you! Thank you for helping us with starting to get our children back! I will be interested to see how Super Kicks affects our family down the road!” – Eternally grateful, Deena

“My children and I do appreciate the commitment to excellence that you and your instructors instill into every aspect of AFKA. Prior to moving to Lynchburg, we studied Tang Soo Do in New Jersey. We had two excellent instructors, and were very honored to study under them. After we moved, we looked at a number of schools in the Lynchburg area, because Martial Arts had become such an important part of our lives. I was hoping to find a nice school for my children and I to train, but did not expect to find a school that excelled in every area, training, enthusiasm, attitude, and a place we could call “home” as we had in New Jersey. Words can not express how pleased and grateful we are at the five months we have studied with Master Alley and his staff at your Wyndhurst school. The overall experience has met and exceeded the expectations we were hoping to find.

A good Karate school was one of the top priorities we had hoped to find after moving to Virginia, I am so pleased to say we found that we have found a “great ” one. Thank you so much from the Lutz family.”

“I just wanted to take this opportunity to write to you and express my satisfaction with the Super Kicks Leadership Academy. Master Alley does an outstanding job with the AFKA curriculum and from the time my husband and I decided to enroll our daughter Tori into the program we have been extremely pleased.” – Nancy Coelho

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