Keeping Kids Active & Focused After School

We get ready for an exciting martial arts class in American Freestyle Karate, where they learn our core black belt curriculum, including weapons and board breaking! Once they're done, they're able to take the time they need to complete all of their homework. Homework is checked by our after school counselors, and while the kids wait for you to pick them up as late as 6:15, they can play board games, table tennis, and more fun games!

You have to work. We get it.

And your child needs to be somewhere until you're finished. Don't let them just hang out at home with a babysitter, or sit in a childcare facility, not being challenged. Let them get the exercise they need, and learn the valuable life skills that martial arts teaches: discipline, courtesy, self defense, confidence, and striving towards a worthwhile goal. Get them started in our after school martial arts program today!

  • Professional Transportation

    Our fully insured vans and buses will pick up your child from school, bring them back to our Ashburn and Leesburg karate studios.

  • An Alternative to Daycare or Babysitting

    Group activities will keep them entertained and better yet, making friends!

  • Tuition & Hours

    Pickup as late as 6:15 p.m. Tuition includes teacher work days, minor holidays and snow days.

  • Homework, Karate & Fun

    Keep your child active and focused with small group homework sessions, a daily martial arts program (uniform included!), and group activities.