Are You in the GAP or in the GAIN? And What Does That Even Mean?

The “Gap and the Gain” is a powerful concept that helps us deal with failure, and teaches us how to properly measure ourselves as we move towards our goal.

It was written by Dan Sullivan, who is the founder of Strategic Coach, and Benjamin Hardy. 

At Super Kicks Karate, we now use the phrase “in the gap” and “in the gain” as a coaching tool for our students if they are experiencing discouragement or disappointment from failing a test, not being quite ready for their next belt, or struggling with a difficult move. 

It’s been said that achievement is 20% skill and 80% psychology. How we think about ourselves, the goal, and the progress we are making is multiple times more important than the actions we take.

Listen to Master Alley explain it and see for yourself how useful it can be for coaches (and parents) of all sorts to implement with their students! 

Or better yet, purchase the book for yourself and get the content straight from the authors! 

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