About Super Kicks Karate

Super Kicks Karate was established with the intention of empowering the community. Family has always been at the heart of what we do, and that is what we consider ourselves to be – a big family.

With locations in Ashburn and Leesburg Virginia, Super Kicks brings a modern, professional – but fun – approach to martial arts. At Super Kicks Karate we aim to pass on our core principles of honor, dedication, focus, and perseverance. People of all ages and fitness levels are welcome to join us, and our classes are designed in such a way as to help everyone achieve their true potential.

Super Kicks Karate Locations

Super Kicks currently has 2 locations in Virginia including Ashburn and Leesburg. If you would like to see Super Kicks Karate come to your town, please send us a note!

Super Kicks Karate Online

The Super Kicks online program kicked off in January 2020 and offers instruction for adults and children in households all over the United States.

What sets Super Kicks Karate apart?

Families at the Heart of Karate

If you’ve never visited our karate school before, we know that you will love it. But how can we be so confident that you (someone we don’t even know yet) will fit right in at Super Kicks martial arts school?

Its simple, here is why…

1. The best martial arts instructors

Our instructors want you to get the best possible guidance, motivation, and discipline while teaching you the physical aspects of your training. But we also want you to learn the patience, confidence, and wisdom that accompanies a whole-life approach to martial arts.

We want you to be successful in your training sessions, with your health and physical abilities, but we also want you to be successful at home with your family, at school or in your job, and all other aspects of your life.

2. Families & friendships

Our students tell us that one of the reasons they love coming to super kicks karate is because of the friendships and bonds they make with the instructors and other students.

Super Kicks is a place where whole families come to learn in a healthy environment – together- away from the “hustle and bustle” of their busy lives. Some of our students say, “families who kick together, stick together!”

3. Fitness that’s fun

Super Kicks offers a positive atmosphere where you can focus on your fitness goals while having a lot of fun.

Our fitness programs don’t just stop at karate kicks, either – we offer programs for all ages, including kids martial arts and a variety of after-school programs and camps for kids that lets kids let loose to have a great time while building confidence & focus.

And don’t forget our birthday parties – something your child will never forget, jam-packed with activities, games, and of course a martial arts lesson.

About the Owner: Master Don Alley

With over 30 years of training experience, Master Alley has dedicated his life to both learning and teaching martial arts. Having earned his black belt before he was a teenager, he also became one of the youngest instructors in the country with the AFKA. Having helped literally hundreds of students earn their black belt qualifications, his mission is to help others achieve their own personal martial arts goals.

Find out more about Master Don Alley. Or, you can just check us out on Facebook!

About American Freestyle Karate (AFKA)

American Freestyle Karate is a blend of a variety of martial arts styles, ranging from karate to aikido to krav maga. With each belt level, a student is learning a series of combative and grab techniques, all designed to ensure personal defense. Students spend time practicing techniques in the air to develop proper form and body mechanics and then train on our target pads to develop their power and intensity.

Students also will also spend time at the beginning of each class learning the monthly leadership life skill (goal setting, confidence, black belt attitude, nutrition, etc.). Our goal is to help your children develop an appreciation for good eating habits and good thinking habits, and teach them the value of being a leader.

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