9 Reasons We Are Martial Arts Instructors

It’s the beginning of a new month and I am reminding my staff why we love being martial artists.

Yesterday, I held a team meeting and gave my team nine different reasons they are martial artists, just to remind us why we do what we do.

Number 1- We get to share our passion.

I love martial arts! All of our instructors, they love martial arts, and it’s something really great that we get to do. We get to teach martial arts to other people who want to learn martial arts. One day I remember years ago, I did a trapeze class. It was my first one and a lot of fun. As the guy was hooking me into the harness I remember thinking to myself, “This guy, he’s got a really cool job. He gets to teach people how to do what he loves.” Then it dawned on me as I was telling myself, I thought, “But you have the same gig, man, so you get to do the same cool thing.”

Number 2- We get to create amazing experiences with our students.

That’s one of the benefits to doing what we do. I don’t have sit at a desk, I get to create an amazing experience for our students as they train.

Number 3-  We get to teach life skills.

That doesn’t just happen on the floor. As we interact with our students, we get to teach them little things that will help improve their life as they get older.  As they go through school, as they go through life with their families, they’ll have their skills to fall back on.

Number 4- We become a mentor

It’s along the same lines of getting to teach life skills.  We’re just not teachers, we’re mentors. We get to coach and motivate, and build students. Not just kids but adults as well.

Number 5-  We get to create healthy bodies.

As our students are training to learn martial arts, they’re training to get more physically fit. We get to encourage them on their health and on their body; taking good care of themselves so that they can live a long life with ideal energy.

Number 6-  We get to work in a respectful environment.

Some of you adults, you maybe working in a more toxic environment where there is a lot of backstabbing and there is a lot of bickering, and just things that aren’t fun to deal with in a regular basis. Our instructors, the way we treat each other is the same way that we ask our students to treat us. We treat each other very respectfully. So the environment that we create here is really respectful and it’s just a pleasure to be around.

Number 7- We get to provide for our families.

So the great news about being a martial arts instructor with us as Super Kicks is that most of us don’t have to have a part-time job or a part-time gig off to the side. My chief instructors, this is what they do, this is what they focus on, they can provide for their family and the reason that’s a benefit to students is that you get our full attention. This is what we do, this is who we are all day long.

Number 8-  There’s built-in altruism.

Often times, people they go about their life, they go about their day and they wonder how they can help and reach out into the community and do other things outside themselves. When we teach martial arts, it’s already built-in, we are contributing to the community. We also have different projects on a month to month basis where we do give back and serve into the community. So it’s built into what we do, makes for a really great career.

Number 9-  We are changing lives.

We have a saying on our wall, “Earn Your Black Belt. Become An Instructor. Create A Legacy.” We change lives through martial arts. As a martial arts instructor, I just want to say thank you for allowing me to do what I do. I know my team feels the same way and those of you that are watching this, if you are thinking of becoming an instructor one day, just know that it’s a really great career.

There’s a lot of wonderful things that we get to do and experience as a martial arts instructor.

I am convinced that for the next 30 years I’m going to be working with some of the same people that I’m working with right now, that makes me feel very amazing. Students that I taught 20 years ago, they are still connecting with me either on Facebook or they send me texts or emails. So this is just a lifelong pursuit and a lifelong career that at the end of my days, I’ll be able to look back and feel really proud of being involved.

Hope you enjoyed, see you in class very soon!