6 Easy Tips to Stay Hydrated and Have the Energy You Deserve!

Ever woken up with a mild headache, only to have it worsen throughout the day? Of course you have. You don’t have an ibuprofen deficiency… Chances are, you are probably just dehydrated.

Start being proactive TODAY about tomorrow’s energy! 

Great Hydration Day

Here are a few tips to hit your water number:

💦 Have a daily water number. Know how many ounces or liters you have to hit to be hydrated. Formula = half of your body weight in ounces. 

💦 Before you go to sleep at night, put a half liter of water by your bed, so as soon as your feet hit the floor, you drink. 

💦 Have rules about how much water you need by a certain time. For example: “Before I leave the house, I need to be at 1.5 liters. By lunch, I need to be at 2 liters. By the time I eat dinner, 3 liters. That way, at specific points throughout the day, if you are behind, you can chug to catch up!

💦 Make it a rule that you have to drink a liter of water before you drink ANY coffee! Make your first cup of coffee your personal reward for getting your first liter in. 

💦 Bring a stainless water bottle with you everywhere. Keep it close. Buy a pretty one. Be fancy. Make it special. Fill it often. 

💦 Don’t drink when you’re thirsty, drink because you know you have to be hydrated. And hit your number. 

Your energy is your greatest asset. If you believe that, be proactive about things you can control that will serve you in your goals. Life is more fun when you feel good and are in a peak state, and your water intake is certainly something you can control!

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